Drainage CCTV

Drainage CCTV

How do you find problems in your sewer system without costly excavation work?

In the past, pipes had to be excavated and inspected closely to locate and fix problems. However, the invention of CCTV drain cameras means that this is no longer necessary.

Using the CCTV cameras on our state-of-the-art crawler, our team can inspect your pipes and drains in a non-destructive manner, saving you time and money.

The remote crawler uses the most advanced technology to inspect pipes and can manoeuvre through blockages that were unable to be inspected by any other equipment.

We can use our cameras to locate – and potentially fix – blockages, to inspect pipes for damage as part of your regular maintenance or to locate leaks. The additional use of a cradle enables the crawler to inspect pipes of up to 1000mm diameter.

This is the most cost-effective and simplest way for us to identify the cause of any drainage problems that you may experience.

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